Speech and Language Therapy

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  • Normal speech and language are essential for proper development in children. As pediatric professionals we are familiar with the developmental milestones that are normally attained at each stage in a child’s life. We not only provide age appropriate therapy but have activities that interest children at each age level. This keeps learning fun.

  • We provide speech language screenings in pre-schools and in private schools. Research shows that the earlier the child’s speech and language issues are identified and addressed the impact of any delay is minimized and increases school readiness and social and academic success.

  • We provide speech and language therapy in the office, pre-school, day-care, your home and private schools. Whether your child is seen in the office or in the school we maintain contact with the parents to keep them informed of goals and how to implement them at home.

  • Telecommunication

  • We offer in-services to schools, parent teacher associations and to community organizations.

  • Insurance accepted: United Health Care, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana, accept most Medicaid products, Children's Medical Services (CMS)


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